Five Hundred Hours by Sandra Beck

Corn from behind my childhood home taken this summer.

Last night it hit me when I saw the advertisement for next week’s show.  200th Show with Sandra Beck.  It took a minute to register that they were talking about me. I looked up my logs and found I have over 500 hours of recorded air time.  That’s a lot …

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Getting Back on Track by Sandra Beck

sandra beck

A few weeks ago I was on a roll. I was working out, eating healthy, working hard and parenting at my best.  Then a truck came again, in the form of an ex-relationship rearing its ugly head, and ran me over. It knocked out one of my kids and flattened …

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Thinking about Thoughts by Sandra Beck

Sandra Beck

I have been reading about thoughts lately. I know that sounds a bit weird, but when I was in court a few weeks ago I watched this grandmother talking to her grown grand-daughter about how thinking too much gets her in trouble. I remember my own mother telling me that …

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What’s So Hot? Being a Single Again by Sandra Beck

You are Beautiful!

It’s amazing how many articles there are about being a single mother in your 40s and the gloom and doom that follows you like Badluck Schleprock. I admit that I have written my fair share of whiney, wingey, sorry-ass, oh-poor-me boohoo in my soup articles over the past couple of …

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