What you need to know about Social Media by Sandra Beck

Social Media. Everyone has it. No one really knows how to use it. Everyday I hear people talk about how many followers they have.  How many posts they do.  That they have a Twitter, a Facebook Personal Page, a Facebook business page, a Linked In, a Xing, Pinterest and an …


What do you do when your Ex Bad-mouths you to your Kids by Sandra Beck

Many of us in high-conflict parenting relationships find ourselves the butt of jokes, the victim of malicious half-true and down-right untrue gossip spread by our Ex or their partner, and being the topic of “heart-to-heart” conversations with your ex and your children filled with carefully crafted stories intended to alienate …


Anger is Expensive, Love is Free by Sandra Beck


I witnessed recently an epic battle of wills between a pre-teen boy and three attorneys and the father after a court ruling did not go the child’s way. The kid was mad and the dad was mad the kid wouldn’t go. This child sat stoically on a bench and refused …


Five Hundred Hours by Sandra Beck

Corn from behind my childhood home taken this summer.

Last night it hit me when I saw the advertisement for next week’s show.  200th Show with Sandra Beck.  It took a minute to register that they were talking about me. I looked up my logs and found I have over 500 hours of recorded air time.  That’s a lot …


Unanswered Prayers can be the Best Gifts by Sandra Beck

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Over the past month, I was subjected to an evaluation. It got me thinking about the mistakes I made in the past, the mistakes I am making currently and the mistakes I will make in the future because I am human. I always say, “When we know better, we do …