Like it or hate it, social media is here to stay by Sandra Beck


At least once a day, someone feels compelled to tell me their viewpoint on social media. I hate Facebook because. I hate Linked In because.  Twitter is evil because.  Everything from stolen identities to cyberbullies to virtual or wanna-be porn stars friending their husbands. Get over it. Social Media is …


Force wins the Battle but Loses the War by Sandra Beck

When you have money, power, influence and intelligence, it’s somewhat easy to force people to comply.  Hitler knew it. Stalin knew it. The IRS knows it. What I want to talk about today is how force might win a battle here and there, but ultimately loses the war.  Take for instance …


What you need to know about Social Media by Sandra Beck

Social Media. Everyone has it. No one really knows how to use it. Everyday I hear people talk about how many followers they have.  How many posts they do.  That they have a Twitter, a Facebook Personal Page, a Facebook business page, a Linked In, a Xing, Pinterest and an …


What do you do when your Ex Bad-mouths you to your Kids by Sandra Beck

Many of us in high-conflict parenting relationships find ourselves the butt of jokes, the victim of malicious half-true and down-right untrue gossip spread by our Ex or their partner, and being the topic of “heart-to-heart” conversations with your ex and your children filled with carefully crafted stories intended to alienate …


Anger is Expensive, Love is Free by Sandra Beck


I witnessed recently an epic battle of wills between a pre-teen boy and three attorneys and the father after a court ruling did not go the child’s way. The kid was mad and the dad was mad the kid wouldn’t go. This child sat stoically on a bench and refused …