I didn’t quit BECAUSE it was hard by Sandra Beck

One of the things that adversity brings is it shines a light on your flaws. A big bright spotlight that points out to you where you are weak, where you haven’t been challenged and where you need work. Today I took a fitness class that was not in my wheelhouse. …


High Conflict Divorce: Define Winning by Sandra Beck

The dog in  the train. Funny dog.

With my divorce years behind me, I am still getting emails, calls and letters from women talking about the system not punishing their ex and an overwhelming feeling that he “got away with it.” and then rewrites history.  For example, a mother of three was punched in the head by …


Big Problems? Try this Small Solution

One of the things that happened to me post divorce and post the death of my mom after her long battle with breast cancer was I got overwhelmed with big problems. I had a crisis in the industry where my company was struggling. My kids were struggling with step-brothers and …


Like it or hate it, social media is here to stay by Sandra Beck


At least once a day, someone feels compelled to tell me their viewpoint on social media. I hate Facebook because. I hate Linked In because.  Twitter is evil because.  Everything from stolen identities to cyberbullies to virtual or wanna-be porn stars friending their husbands. Get over it. Social Media is …


Force wins the Battle but Loses the War by Sandra Beck

When you have money, power, influence and intelligence, it’s somewhat easy to force people to comply.  Hitler knew it. Stalin knew it. The IRS knows it. What I want to talk about today is how force might win a battle here and there, but ultimately loses the war.  Take for instance …